Welcome to International School Leiden

Thank you for visiting our website. Please enjoy learning about all the things we have to offer you and your family, our new learning spaces, what our governing body stands for and some extra information on our wonderful city, Leiden.

At ISL we value and respect our diverse community of students, staff and administrators. We firmly believe that fair treatment, justice, and equality for all regardless of race, creed, religion, colour, culture, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical ability or socioeconomic status is the most basic of rights. 

We strive to instill in all of our students compassion, empathy, understanding, and integrity.

ISL is proud to stand in the tradition of religious freedom and tolerance. The core values of SCOL :- confidence, solidarity and wonder, are of importance in the way we aim for our students to develop as responsible global citizens, aware of their own backgrounds and traditions, respectful to others and open to genuine dialogue and encounter.

We are committed to deliver learning that:

  • values and embraces diversity and culture;
  • empowers students regardless of their background or how they identify;
  • encourages critical thinking toward social responsibility, and;
  • teaches respect for others.

ISL stands in rich soil: the foundation for the school is the story typical to this city of Leiden of religious tolerance and freedom of speech. In the early 17th century, a group of English Protestants broke ties with the English state church because of differing views on the Reformation. To escape persecution, they fled to the Netherlands – and eventually settled in Leiden, because the city was known to take in refugees and tolerate various religions. In the shadow of the Pieterskerk, they found the freedom to practice their religion and it was from here that the Pilgrims set their course for a New World. In their search for liberty, they took with them lessons learned here of freedom and tolerance.

This story we wish to pass on to our students. We teach those lessons of freedom and tolerance. Our international school is proud of that tradition. Like the Pilgrim Fathers, our school has a Protestant Christian foundation. We are open to all religions, faith and beliefs and we endorse the freedom in which people may practice their religion.


We foster our students’ love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, and give them a solid foundation to build on


Our goal as a school is to equip our young people with the skills and mindset to thrive and then take on the world.


The IPC is commitment to the holistic development of learners through enjoyable academic, personal and international learning that prepares them for opportunities and challenges now and in the future