Local Sports Clubs

If you are looking for a sports club for your child to join, Leiden has some wonderful and well know teams within the region and are within walking distance from ISL. They are very friendly, welcoming and provide you the opportunity to trial with them before signing up. Below you will find a list of a few of the more well know clubs:


Hockey club Roomburg – At Roomburg you can play hockey at different levels. They have performance hockey (all first, second and sometimes third teams in the juniors, and Ladies 1 and 3 and Men 1, 2 and 3 in the seniors), but they also have recreational hockey. The very youngest youth (5-year-old Funkeys) train on Sunday morning; all other youth teams train once or twice during the week and play a game on Saturday (occasionally on Sunday). Seniors and Veterans also train once or twice during the week, and play their game on Sunday.

Leiden Hockey Club Roomburg‘.


Tennis club -T.C. Roomburg is a tennis club in the city of Leiden situated across the street from ISL. Roomburg has around 1100 members across all ages.  As member of the Dutch national tennis association Roomburg is participating in many tennis competition forms as well. The tennis season opens late March and closes late October. During these months members and visitors can enjoy our bar and restaurant serving full meals. In the winter season (November – February) we do try to accommodate playing on the courts as well, but we are dependent on the weather, so no guarantees can be made. As an indication, the last few seasons the courts were closed for roughly 1 to 2 months. We currently do not charge members extra for playing in the winter months.



Basketball club BS Leiden– You can play basketball at BS Leiden from the age of 5. Members can choose to train alone, train and compete competitively or play recreationally only.

If you would like to play basketball at BS Leiden, you can first do a trial training two or three times. If this is of interest to you, please send an email to tc@bsleiden.nl or vandernat1@gmail.com and they will let you know where and when you can come to training. They will also let you know how to become a member and where there is a permanent place.



Would you like to try out korfball? Then come and train with a korfball team that suits your age, without any obligation and of course for free. This way you can discover for yourself whether this sport suits you!You can register for this via the email address below. With your registration we can determine which team you can train with. We (the Technical Committee) will also inform the trainers and we will be present to welcome you and/or your supervisors/parents. 

                                         Youth: jc@pernix.nl

                                                 Seniors: tc@pernix.nl

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