Terms and Conditions


As ISL is a state subsidized school, there are certain criteria which must be met in order for your child to enroll with us, these criteria are stated below, more information can be found during the application process.

  • The student has a non-Dutch nationality or is a foreign passport holder and one of the parents or legal guardians is temporarily employed in the Netherlands.
  • The student has a Dutch nationality and has lived and gone to school abroad for at least two years because one of the parents or legal guardians was stationed abroad.
  • The student has a Dutch nationality and has a parent or legal guardian (with whom the student will be living) who will be stationed abroad within two years and for at least two years. This is to be proven by a written statement of intent by parent or employer.

Although we believe that ISL is the right school for both you and your child this may unfortunately not always be the case, by having a settling in period of no less than 4 weeks, it gives us the opportunity for assessment. Should ISL feel that our school is not able to meet your child’s needs, we reserve the right to recommend a different learning environment that we believe better meets your child’s needs be it academically, socially or emotionally.


Any documents requested, must be provided in English. Failure to disclose any information which Is related to a child’s existing learning or behavioural difficulties may result in a position at ISL retracted.

We are unable to process and/or finalise an application form unless it has been fully completed and includes all requested documents by our admissions team. These documents include:

  • Any documents and/or reports from your previous school, in English.
  • A copy passport

Additional support

During the assessment period it will be discussed if ISL feels your child requires any form of intensive English (usually for non-English speaking students) or any other educational assistance. If this is deemed necessary, the school assistant will be paid for by the parent/guardian.

Confidential information

ISL has a large social media platform and we like to share a lot of things our students are doing, as well as upcoming events or activities we have through our website. During the application process you will receive a form to confirm if you agree with publication of said photos. Should you wish to decline , ISL will comply. Should you wish to amend these permissions, this can be done at any time in writing.

Parents accept that ISL has a legal duty to provide any student data information, should it be requested by the government or any other state system. However, only the requested information will be shared.

Refund policy

Should you wish to withdraw from ISL for any reason, a form must be submitted to our admissions department. If notice is not given within the appropriate time frame, fees will continue to be charged. Once all withdrawal requirements are completed, any remaining fees will be refunded and requested documents for your future school will also be provided.


We foster our students’ love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting things, and give them a solid foundation to build on


Our goal as a school is to equip our young people with the skills and mindset to thrive and then take on the world.


The IPC is commitment to the holistic development of learners through enjoyable academic, personal and international learning that prepares them for opportunities and challenges now and in the future